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Engagement {Blossoming Love}

Ariel, the owner and lead planner of Wonderstruck Events, was over the moon when her sweetheart and hunky boyfriend Adam proposed. She would have the chance to pour all her ideas and talent into her own beautiful wedding. But first, her vision for engagement photos would begin this wonderful journey.

To begin, the elegant couple dressed to impress at Vancouver's luxury Hotel, Trump Tower. With its distinctive design and fascinating collection of curated art installations by Miriam Aroeste, the space was the crowning stage for this captivating couple. What a fitting theme, the artists creations were about love and inclusiveness. Ariel and Adams love for one another and the excitement for their future together shone through in each candid moment. Capturing their playful interactions and the way their eyes lit up together.

Next stop was the Nightingale Restaurant, located on W. Hastings. A 19th century inspired white concrete and brick building with black iron balcony and staircase. Dressed like a new age Audrey Hepburn in her black gown and white pearls, Ariel was a vision against the contrasting streets as Adam twirled her around.

The final spot to complete their engagement session had to be the famous Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Known for its stunning annual bloom that mesmerizes the city in a sea of pink. With the soft glow of the lowering sun peaking through the branches, holding the tiny petals of soft pink blooms, Ariel and Adam held one another close. Soon they would share their vows to one another surrounded by their loved ones, and enter into married life. So much to look forward to, and yet, this moment, right here, was just perfect too!


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