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Our Services:

A strong relationship is the foundation to incredible photography. We accomplish our unique approach of storytelling through this fundamental approach of getting to know you. It all starts with the absolute highest level of customer service.

Your relationship with us is so important to your story that we get to know you in advance of the wedding. We do this by arranging photo planning meetings and by making you comfortable in front of the camera during our famous Engagement Sessions, which are both fun and educational.

your personal Liaison:

Belluxe is a complete start to finish boutique experience. From the moment you become our couple, we pair you with a Belluxe bridal liaison who will act as your personal assistant brought to you exclusively by Belluxe Photography on the day of the wedding. Your liaison will make sure all details during your photography session are addressed. Your gown is always looking perfect, his tie is crisp and straight, details like your jewelry are positioned perfectly to reflect the vision you have and to ensure no detail is missed while photographing. These are just a few of the services provided by our Belluxe bridal liaison. They will also make sure you are well hydrated & fed, along with communicating your needs with the planner to keep the day on time so you get all your wished upon shots by our master photographer Samineh, who will be capturing all your perfect and magical moments. We want to make sure you, as our client, are prepared, happy and unbothered with details so you can enjoy your day in a pampered manner.


After the event

A very special password protected online gallery of what we captured will be shared with you to re-live the event in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. All of the images you receive are edited, color corrected and straightened cohesively. We believe in giving you the freedom of love, therefore on your own time, you will select a number of photos for us to process further and specially retouch them for printing. This is particularly helpful for couples who want to display their photographs in their homes.

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