To those of you who know me, I am probably the most grateful person on the entire planet. If you lift a finger for me I never forget and I will forever cherish your kindness no matter how successful and well known I become. Those who don't know me yet, will soon know that kindness and honesty is what I have based my life and business on. I have promised myself to go above and beyond for all my brides only because I am doing this not because I have to, but because I LOVE to. 

When I look back at where I started, I want to congratulate myself. I want to give my self a pat on shoulder and say: Well done Samineh! you worked so hard to start your own business. Of course, to be successful I had a mentor and for that I am grateful. For countless volunteer hours that I put to learn the ups and downs of the business and being present in every wedding of 2014 with Vasia Han I am so grateful. As I was getting prepared for Belluxe take off, Vasia was about to start her new journey with Boheme Work Shops and I am so delighted to be the first who had the opportunity to have a one on one with Vasia while she was also working on her teaching skills for the amazing workshops to come. Now, having said that if you are looking for a great workshop that is different and unique check them out. They are taking you to the amazing historic Greece to produce an original and extraordinary experience.